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Russell Hons Photography Youth Sport Photo Sponsorships

Business owners, are you looking for new and creative ways to reach new customers? I have a great opportunity for you to put your name and logo in front of thousands of people for pennies per impression. 

My Facebook posts reach anywhere from 1000 to 10,000+ viewers per post, depending on the content. As you can see below, I have anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 or more viewers on my page on a daily basis. I have roughly 6400 followers on my business Facebook page, another 2000+ on my personal page, over 2200 followers on Instagram, and over 1000 followers on Twitter. 

In the past I have had sports images gain as many as 250,000 views! 

As you may be aware, I am a professional sports photographer here in Grand Forks, ND. I photograph sports for the University of North Dakota, as well as cover NHL hockey, and many many local and area youth sports.

Here is your opportunity to use my photos and my viewers to grow your business. 


You now have the chance to have your "brand" on my photos of high school sports games in the Grand Forks area.  These photos are viewed, downloaded, posted, shared, used as profile pictures and more, 1000's of times. The number of times these photos are downloaded and re-posted and shared is immeasurable. 

Parents, businesses, organizations. Anyone can sponsor the photos. Have an upcoming event and want to promote it by putting a message across the bottom of the photos? We can do that!


After each game I will upload a free photo gallery to both Facebook, and my website (see last years sports gallery here: ) The post will prominently point out that this game's photos are provided free of charge by YOUR COMPANY. All of the photos will have your logo/brand on them for all to see. Want to add a coupon? We can do that!

On top of having your brand/logo on the photos, The day of the game I will post a promo letting fans know that I am shooting the game, and that my photos will be sponsored by YOUR company. (have a logo you want me to share, send it over).  This lets fans know to check back after the game to see the photos, and gives viewers another impression of your logo.


Finally, when I post the finished game gallery, I can intersperse your print ad if you provide one. As they scroll through the photos on their phone or computer, numerous times during the viewing, your print ad will be visible to them to get your advertising message across.  


Why am I doing this?  I have been photographing youth sports in the community for many years now. Sports photography is expensive.

The cost of professional cameras, lenses, computers, editing software, insurance, websites, etc. on top of the immense time commitment to photograph and then edit the photos. In the past parents or teams have either hired me to come in and photograph a game for them, or I have sold parents photos on an individual basis after the game. 

These parents have already spent so much money on travel, league fees and equipment, that asking them to spend more for the 

page views.jpg

photographs of their children is getting burdensome. Also, as the popularity of my photos had grown, so has the theft of them. For me to sell them after a game, I have to put them on Facebook or my website for them to see. By doing that, I have opened them up to be screen shot, instead of purchased.  By going this route, it is a win-win for everyone. The parents and friends and fans and athletes get to download and share their photos for free, you get your message out to thousands of viewers who are grateful to you for purchasing the photos for them to have, and I get paid to shoot the game. 

The cost to sponsor a game with your logo/brand on the photographs, along with a pre-game promotion of your sponsorship, and a thank you for sponsoring the free photos in the posting, along with inclusion of your print advertisement within the posted photo gallery is only $250-$400 per game!  Only one sponsor per game, so if you are interested in getting on the list for an upcoming game. Please contact me by phone, text or email ASAP!

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